Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my little brother joey

my little brother joey has this odd sleeping ways. when he is in his bed at night he rocks himself to sleep. if he falls asleep on the couch watching t-v he get in the most what looks like to be very uncomfortable ways. i don't know how he does not wake up and feel pain but... he puts his one hand under his back and the other one behind his head. has one leg up in the air and the other hanging off the couch, his mouth wide open and head up. it just looks so odd, but then again he is an odd little boy!! so then i tell him that i am blogging about him and tells me "that every body sleeps so why talk about me", so i tell him that he sleeps odd i just have to share about it, he replies hey!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

how to train your dragon

last night i went to the movies to see "how to train your dragon" yes i know a kids show, but so funny. i laughed all night. only twice did i jump and say to myself did i jump because of a kid show?? i love to go and see the shows not most people my age or older would want to see, i find that those ones are funnier. sitting and waiting for the show to come on i found two more shows i would love to see. the first one, toy story 3. the second one, Shrek, fight to the finish. they look good and i have seen the ones before that so it would only be fair. so back to how to train your dragon, the black dragon (his name is toothless)was so cute(as you can see to your right). he had these big eyes and i would so love to have him as my pet!!! well i cant tell you any more, if you want to know how cute he is you will have to go and see it fore yourself.