Thursday, August 26, 2010


went away for a week to see some of waynes side of the family it was a great time. we went to ocean city and to the beach. i got some new cloth and took lots of pictures of everthing. i went with my mom, step-dad, two little sisters, and my little brother. we also saw some of my moms side!! we all had an awlsome time and cant wate to go back!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

my poppop

Saturday June 5th, 2010 I sat down with my poppop, we talked about when he was in the Vietnam war. he told me his story. he told me his positions, the cars, the buildings, about the foot lockers, the seven people tents, and how when you put your finger on the inside of the tent it would leak. it was a great afternoon. then to top my day off at 8pm my mommom, poppop, and I sat at the bar and looked at the pictures he took through a slide. It was a great weekend at there house. I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with them and hear my poppop's story. I want to thank my poppop for talking with me. I am glade you came home ok. you are my hero!! I love you!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my little brother joey

my little brother joey has this odd sleeping ways. when he is in his bed at night he rocks himself to sleep. if he falls asleep on the couch watching t-v he get in the most what looks like to be very uncomfortable ways. i don't know how he does not wake up and feel pain but... he puts his one hand under his back and the other one behind his head. has one leg up in the air and the other hanging off the couch, his mouth wide open and head up. it just looks so odd, but then again he is an odd little boy!! so then i tell him that i am blogging about him and tells me "that every body sleeps so why talk about me", so i tell him that he sleeps odd i just have to share about it, he replies hey!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

how to train your dragon

last night i went to the movies to see "how to train your dragon" yes i know a kids show, but so funny. i laughed all night. only twice did i jump and say to myself did i jump because of a kid show?? i love to go and see the shows not most people my age or older would want to see, i find that those ones are funnier. sitting and waiting for the show to come on i found two more shows i would love to see. the first one, toy story 3. the second one, Shrek, fight to the finish. they look good and i have seen the ones before that so it would only be fair. so back to how to train your dragon, the black dragon (his name is toothless)was so cute(as you can see to your right). he had these big eyes and i would so love to have him as my pet!!! well i cant tell you any more, if you want to know how cute he is you will have to go and see it fore yourself.

Friday, February 12, 2010

brother and sister love

i have two sisters and one brother in my house and well it is like watching afv sometimes. my sister Kim needs to be in a bubble, val needs to stay away from snow, and Joe sometimes to happy. this house is never the same, but always something crazy going on. Kim and Joe never stop fighting, val gos both way she can get along with Kim or Joe, but not both at the same time. sometimes we can all have a great time. playing in the snow, wii, and holidays. we have a good moments but most of our time is making each other laugh. <(")

mom and waynes date nights!!!!

sitting at home all alone with nothing to do but blog!!! watching t-v when this add comes on for a president thing with Abe and George dancing. i can't help but laugh, and put this on to my blog. it was too cute. then to add on to my night i drank a hole bottle of mountain dew and got sugar happy. started to play wii to find that i was to hyped up to win. so something new i thought i would put some music on and put it on as loud as i can, drink mountain dew, play wii, and blog all at once, well it is to much to handle for a person who cant multitask like me! its times like this i wish i had a car!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

step sledding with wayne

so step sledding is my step-dad favorite thing to do. what he does is he takes a blanket and puts it at the top of the steps and slides down with it. but right before Christmas last year he took the tree box and went down on that. need to say he broke that box. so this year he took a 24 pack box that had beer in it well he got the box from someone so he could bring stuff home in it, and went down on that not thing my mom would catch him. as he went down he screamed and when he finally got down my mom looked at him and yelled "BUSTED" to him. the face he made was so funny and it mad all of us laugh till mom saw that he had broke that box too.
my step dad loves to have fun and while doing so he makes it fun for us!!! he is a bit odd, but then again who isn't.