Wednesday, February 3, 2010

step sledding with wayne

so step sledding is my step-dad favorite thing to do. what he does is he takes a blanket and puts it at the top of the steps and slides down with it. but right before Christmas last year he took the tree box and went down on that. need to say he broke that box. so this year he took a 24 pack box that had beer in it well he got the box from someone so he could bring stuff home in it, and went down on that not thing my mom would catch him. as he went down he screamed and when he finally got down my mom looked at him and yelled "BUSTED" to him. the face he made was so funny and it mad all of us laugh till mom saw that he had broke that box too.
my step dad loves to have fun and while doing so he makes it fun for us!!! he is a bit odd, but then again who isn't.

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